Robotics: Intro Series

Description: A weekly lesson series focused on introducing students to programming, building and designing robots. We will cover an introduction to Arduino programming, using our libraries for motor controllers and encoders. We also discuss a simple closed loop feedback controller known as a PID controller that is effective for continuous modulated control. Students will also incorporate different types of sensors into their robots such as accelerometers, gyroscopes and distance sensors.

Meeting Times: Mondays & Tuesdays: 8 - 10pm Location: IEEE Lab

Robotics: VEXU

Description: VEXU is a collegiate level robotics competition designed to pit your university against others in head to head matches. Each year the Robotics Education & Competition Foundation releases a game for which you must design your robot to be the best, whether through intelligent programming, robust build quality, or killer strategy. It is our job at Rutgers IEEE VEXU to allow students of all backgrounds and majors to design, build, program, and strategize together to put Rutgers on the map of international competitive robotics.

Location: IEEE Lab Meeting Times: Wednesdays & Thursdays: 8-10pm

Robotics: Micromouse/Pacbot

Description: Micromouse is a robotics competition where each team builds a small robot designed to solve a 16x16 maze as quickly as it can. Within the maze, there are no inaccessible blocks, and the center 4 squares are designated as the goal. The robot has a period of time in the beginning to find its way to the center of the maze, then make its way back to the beginning. From there, the robot then has to find the shortest path to the center, and follow that path faster than any of the other robots. Pacbot is a competition where the game of pacman has been recreated in real life. The goal of the competition is the same as the game, collect as may points as you can before the ghosts capture you. This is done autonomously so you must program the robot to figure this out on its own. The different parts of the game, like dots and ghost positions are sent wirelessly to the robot through an xbee wireless communicator.

Location: IEEE Lab Meeting Times: Tuesdays: 8-10pm