Description: The ML/AI team focuses on teaching and implementing the powerful concepts, methods, and tools from the rapidly growing fields of machine learning, artificial intelligence, and data analysis. The teaching heavy emphasizes both practical usage and fundamental understanding of ML techniques, covering topics from CS to math and statistics. These skills are strengthened through participation in ML/AI projects, where we code implementations that solve real-world problems.

ML/AI: Lecture Series

Description: Brief weekly lectures about basic ML/AI topics, followed by suggested short week-long projects, and a larger long-term project.

Meeting Times: Thursdays: 8 - 10pm Location: SERC-111 (subject to change, check fb regularly)

ML/AI: Paper Seminar (experimental)

Description: Weekly meetings where everyone brings in and presents an interesting ML/AI paper. We encourage high-level discussion of ML/AI techniques, and gear it towards more advanced topics.

Meeting Times: Mondays: 8 - 9:30pm (subject to change) Location: SERC 2nd floor (subject to change, check fb regularly)